Birthday Parties

Planning a birthday party?

Looking for something different? Exhausted all possibilities? Let Celebration Station take all your party planning pressure! We offer unique children’s entertainment tailored to your child, parties full of magical ideas, as well as inclusive parties for groups with S.E.N.D. Whatever the birthday boy or girl loves, we’ll create the perfect party for them!

We are also the children’s birthday party specialists at the BALTIC, Gateshead.


Our 'On The Road' Party Packages

Bringing our unique party packages to YOU.


Pirate Training Camp

Calling all pirates in the making! Jump aboard our fun and slightly bonkers pirate training programme. Trainee pirates will take part in a swashbuckling series of fun games and activities, make pirate hats and will graduate from the training camp with a temporary tattoo from the ‘Jolly Roger Tattoo Parlour’ and a certificate. Will they find the buried treasure? Can they speak fluent pirate? And who will be made to walk the plank….


Dino Diggers

If your child is dinosaur mad, hunt no further! From digging and discovering fossils, to pterodactyl races and dinosaur egg hunts….we have everything to make sure the next generation of palaeontologists has a roaring good time! The team of Dino Diggers will take part in themed games and finish making their own pet dinosaur sock puppet to take home! Of course all children will leave with a temporary dinosaur tattoo and an official Dino Diggers certificate!


Fairy Fun

We do, we do! We believe in fairies!! Join us somewhere over the rainbow in the enchanted fairy forest where magical gatherings await for those who believe in fairies! In this magical package children will learn the secrets to the fairy world through sparkly stories and games. They is also a chance to create your very own fairy friend to take home!


Superhero Academy

BOOM! POW! KABOOM! This party package is perfect for all superhero enthusiasts! Children will swoop into the ultimate superhero training programme. Trainee superheroes will take part in a series of super fun games and activities, make hero masks and will have the opportunity to pose for photos on our city-scape backdrop. Can they hunt down and capture the evil villains? Will they be able to dodge the deadly lazer maze? And who will have enough super-sonic strength to knock down the secret city-scape lair?


Princess Training School

Sign your princess mad child up to our Princess Training School. Trainee princesses (and princes) will take part in a collection of grand games, design and make their own royal jewellery and finish in a royal catwalk fit for any King and Queen! (Ecstatic about Elsa or barmy about Belle? Tell us your child’s favourite Disney princess and we can happily tailor games and exercises  based on these characters!)


Jewellery Making Parties

Is your child mad about making things? Why not put a creative slant on their next birthday with our jewellery making parties. Children will design and creative their own contemporary jewellery using a variety of materials. Once the designing is done, it is time to reveal the new collection by striking a pose on the catwalk!


Games Fests

Looking for some birthday party games with a twist? Say goodbye to Pass the Parcel and look no further! Our Games Fests are made up high energy, wacky and competitive team games which will give your party a birthday buzz!



Celebration Station are happy to deliver parties and events in a range of venues. From the comfort of your own home; to a local community centre or even on a beach!

Struggling to find a venue? Don’t worry! We have a list of recommended places perfect for parties!



Looking to make your party extra special? Choose our creative party bags or hire our professional photographer to capture your event!

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