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Birthday Party

Looking for something different? Let’s take the stress out of the planning for you. We can come to you at a venue of your choice or direct you to venues we already work with.
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Kids Corner

Inviting little ones to a big wedding, christening or adult birthday party and worried how to keep them entertained? Find out more.
Kids Corner | Celebration Station

Project Work

Want to create a drama project or do some workshops? We can work with you and your organisation to create a project that works well for organisation, the funder and the group you are working with.
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Running your own birthday party offer within an organisation or planning an event? We can help you train your existing team in how best to facilitate the event. Find out more Whether you want to think about how to make the event/party accessible, gather some behaviour management techniques or learn how to lead drama games effectively, we can help.
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The children were thrilled with their goody bags and couldn't stop talking about the party and games afterwards. I cannot recommend them highly enough!