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Over the last decade we have worked with a lot of different cultural venues and charities on project-based work. From play in a week summer schools as holiday provision, programmed festivals, educational work with authors on their latest book realise to evaluating new work as the cultural doctors our work has been varied and always very unique to the organisation we are partnering with. We like a challenge and something new to work on so please get in touch if you have an idea.

Read more about the partnerships we have worked with for inspiration and to look at the range of work we have done.

Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art

Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art | Celebration Station

Baltic has been a partner of ours since 2012. We have worked with them and Fresh Elements on a variety of different events over the years. From Father’s day themed lunches and wedding bookings with the Fresh Elements to more bespoke seasonal events with the in house events team.  Working with the events team we have designed and tailored made seasonal events such as Baltic Elf Academy and Make a Monster at Halloween. All the work we have done with the events team has been in role and has a mantel of the expert style to the event, putting the children at the heart of the event and making them the experts of the situation.

Our biggest achievement with the Baltic is the in-house birthday packages we have created, devised and currently deliver 5 bespoke birthday packages offers. The packages are themed around the Baltic’s ethos and are designed with different audiences in mind. We have different age range parties and different needs with a specialised offer towards SEN groups as we have a real passion for working inclusively and have expertise in this area. Our birthday parties with the Baltic offer something different to a typical birthday party from creating your own film, making a unique piece of jewellery to showcase on your own live streamed cat walk, to a paint, monster or space party we have a wide range of activities for each child to choose from. We are constantly evaluating these parties to keep them the best they can be and always thinking of new packages we can add to keep our offers new, inclusive and the best they can be. We have a lot of people returning year on year one family has had 3 parties in 3 years!

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“The team at Celebration Station bring their creativity, expertise and enthusiasm to every event and as a result, BALTIC parties have gained a reputation as first choice in the region for families looking for something a little different to soft play.”
David Maguire, Baltic, Learning & Civic Engagement Coordinator

Juice Festival

Juice Festival | Celebration Station

Juice Festival was ran by Newcastle Gateshead Initiative we partnered with them from 2014-2017. Each year as part of the Juice Festival programme we were commissioned to be part of an event called the Big Juice Read.

This event is all about celebrating great literature and it is our jobs to bring the chosen authors book to life! The authors we have worked with or celebrated the work of over the years are David Almond, The Boy Who Swam with Piranhas, Gabrielle Kent, Alfie Bloom and the Secret of Hexbridge Castle, the centenary event for Roald Dahl and Chloe Daykin, Fish Boy.

Each year we create a set that was inspired by the chosen book using that book as inspiration we then devise and deliver a themed workshop. Over the 4 years these workshops have were delivered to over 29 classes from partnership Juice schools across the North East region. We also did a public event that was delivered in Newcastle and Gateshead Libraries.

“No matter the project or brief the work that they create is always imaginative, creative and of brilliant quality. During their workshops children and young people are fully engaged in their creative role play and storytelling and are encouraged to express themselves and their ideas. Their set design and the way they dress the space is amazing with an incredible level of detail. Working with Celebration Station is always professional and collaborative and I would have no hesitation recommending them to anyone.”
Rachel Hamer, Juice Festival, Gateshead Initiative

Useful Vision

Useful Vision | Celebration Station

Our relationship with Useful Vision started in January 2016 when we helped them put on a variety showcase to highlight some of the skills they had learnt during their ‘skills for you workshops.’ In summer 2016 we delivered our very first ‘Play in a Week’ summer school, the children and young people rewrote the story of Cinderella, the show was Called ‘Cinder Dabs’, a tale of a visually impaired boy who was banished to a land of Maltesers by his wicked Aunty. Since this first year we have ran themed workshops in Preston Park and ran more other successful ‘Play in a Week’ summer school.

Our working relationship with Useful Vision is to celebrate all the children’s uniqueness and celebrate their abilities. All of the themed workshops, events and shows we have delivered in collaboration with Useful Vision have been fully assessable for the Young people and children involved. The work is created by them with their ideas and creativity.

In recent months we have also been supported by Useful Vision during the Covid 19 pandemic to run some Zoom Drama sessions. During this period we created a short movie together and streamed this digitally through Zoom to have a remote premier. It was a way for all the children and young people to feel connected during this difficult period.

Useful Vision Website

“We have worked with Celebration Station for over two years now the work they have done in collaboration with Useful Vision has been great. They are always very professional and work really well with the children.”
Emma, Useful Vision

Tyneside Cinema

Tyneside Cinema | Celebration Station

We have worked with Tyneside Cinema on various events over the years. The first was during a joint collaboration as part of Juice Festival 2015, where we created a ‘Superhero Training Academy’. As part of the event we created mantel of the expert experience and became in role characters, the children had to help us save films as they were going to be destroyed from the ‘evil deleters!’ They trained to become the next generation of super heroes.

We have created and ran bespoke Easter Egg hunts taking inspiration from historical facts of the building.

Our latest work with Tyneside Cinema was in summer of 2017 where we designed and delivered a training workshop for their staff in how to run birthday parties. During the training we discuss behaviour management techniques, simple drama games that can be themed and played in levels to help with different abilities and ages in the session.   

The training was extremely useful to the staff and it is now a yearly training tool for their birthday party offer.

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“Thanks so much for this. The training was amazing and the staff really felt it was beneficial for them. I would definitely do this again with new starters”
Louise Bennett, Hires and Events Manager

North East Sight Matters

North East Sight Matters | Celebration Station

With North East Sight Matters we have created online drama workshops space called Virtual Stars. The project aim is to have lasting legacy and will inform an awareness programme on what it is like to life with sight loss. Through a series of drama workshops we will create an online film that will be used as part of a training package for schools and partners. The children’s lived experience will inform the retelling of a traditional fairy tale this work is currently taking place across 2021. 

North East Sight Matters Website