Every child is unique, and we believe this should be reflected in their party. Our “On the Road” party offers can be tweaked and tailored to accommodate what your child is into. 

We know that organising a party can become a stressful experience. Our aim is to take away that party planning pressure and leave you with a special experience that will be talked about and create memories for your child, their friends and family. 


On the Road parties include...

Pirate School | Celebration Station

Pirate School

Learn what it takes to be a pirate in your very own pirate school from walking the plank, finding and hiding secret treasure, escaping from a shark attack and even getting your very own pirate tattoo. This hours long training school is a tough challenge but so arrrggggh you!

Super hero training academy | Celebration Station

Super hero training academy

Superheroes assemble! Your mission is to take on a series of challenges from lazer mazes, capturing baddies, designing your own mask and testing your powers and balance. Do you and your friends have what it takes to graduate from the super hero training academy and become the next super heroes?

Dino Diggers | Celebration Station

Dino Diggers

For all Dino experts who are mad on Dinosaurs this is the party for you. Come and put your Dino knowledge to the test with fossil digging, dinosaur games and making your very own sockasaurs to take home with you.

Gamesters | Celebration Station


Go head to head with your friends or family in a competition called Gamesters. During the hour long gameathon you will learn complete a series of challenges, games and races to see which team is the ultimate Gamester…it could even be children vs grown ups! Everything kind of race you can think of from cupcake relay races, sack races, egg and spoon races you name it! Who will be the ultimate gamester winner?

All of our offers are gender neutral and we believe they can be for any child. Our recommended ages are from 4 to 10 years old.

Based on a typical 2 hour party our recommended timings would be to start activities 15 minutes after start time of the party that way everyone has arrived, said hello to the birthday person and are ready to start the fun and games. With the themed facilitated games and activities lasting for 1 hour, that leaves 45 mins for birthday tea, sing happy birthday and to give out those all important party bags!

We do offer 1 hour 30 mins if you feel you want more structured activity time however.